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Saturday, March 28, 2015

and a blast was had by all!

What can I say about this months events?
A Blast was had by all!  for sure.
When I created this floral series, I knew it was going to be a fun exploration but I had no idea the connections I'd make through it or the crazy fun this project would generate.
I just had to share some images from this past month and say thank you, thank you to all these fun creatives that came out to put paint to canvas with me.

Truly, the pics say it all.

I love how everyone interprets the painting in their own style.
That's a win for me as that was one of my main goals when all this began a little over a year ago.

People don't just sit, they stand, dance to some good music, and check out of their crazy lives for a time.
Creativity does that.
Such fun people.
They show up ready to have a great time.
These fun gals are a group .  This was their second event with me.  So fun!

Everyone shows their work to encourage and inspire someone else.

This Mother/Daughter duo are old friends I reconnected with.
what a blessing for me.
Their watercolor interpretation was awesome

I'm still amazed at how this has been such a great year of learning and creativity for me.

seeing others bond and connect over art


being inspired by their vision

how each person creates from a personal place


My heart is full and can't wait for the next time I get to paint and share again.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring ...Artful Events

 I love this quote
It's speaks of hope and renewal
 This week will be full of fun, 2 events and I'm looking forward to completing a list of projects.
I will be leading a painting of flowers for these next 2 events, different versions. 
I really love how each person attending leaves with their interpretation of my original piece.
Yay!  I'm so excited about the possibilities.
When all this began, I made a commitment to myself that I would not be cookie cutter and copy what others are doing, that each participant would leave with a skill, (even if it's just one technique) that if they where inspired to start painting, they would have a starting point.
also I would create an atmosphere where a skilled and experienced artist could benefit from the same experience as a newbie.
that people would have fun and find joy in that short time we spend together.

for me, art is the connector, the great equalizer, the honest communication from the heart.
So blessed and privileged to get to do what I get to do

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Feather Brained / Creative process

Oh feathers, both fascinating and frustrating,
I'm passionate about natural textures.
Because I am, perfectionism (evil that it is) becomes a problem for me.
Feathers are perfection to me.
The highlights, and the low values that make the subtle light pieces pop..
The importance of depth
It gives it the desired texture and the end result I'm striving for.
so, I remind myself....Art has to be honest.
Choosing to let go of the perfectionism from expectations and embracing the honesty of excellence, has opened up creativity once again.
Often, moving forward simply is just about making a choice.
one could say that I am definitely feather brained as of late and I seem to have to make the choice to get out of my head and out of my own way to make progress.
I have two of these very large canvases to complete for a very special client.  Her clientele will see them in her business.  There will be a lot of exposure so I want them to be beautiful, to have the ability to bring an emotional response, and bless all those with a peaceful image that adds to their overall experience in this space.
Yes, I believe this can and will happen.
It's honest.

To break up the work, I retreat to a smaller piece that keeps collecting layers.
This creative process of breaking into something else seems to be helping me progress with this feather project.

as I work on it, it revives and relaxes so that when I go back to the feather moments, there is a renewed perspective.
funny how that works.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Powder Room Makeover

A little embarrassed (but not too much) to post these before pics of our powder room, but I do because the transformation is something I'm so very happy with.
Can you believe that I lived with it like this for a year and a half?!
Of course, there were decorations and such to make it liveable.
I'm showing you the stripped down version complete with hole in the wall hidden behind the mirror that we didn't know was there.  Surprise!!
I guess it was for a medicine cabinet that never happened?

A fresh coat of paint....Sometimes that is all it takes.
Really, simple is often the answer to a happy result.
My inspiration was Bedford Springs Resort and the watery Spa colors and how peaceful it was when we were there.

I was drawn to this color called Seascape, it's a Valspar color from Lowes
and since there was this heavy blue on the bottom , visually, it felt unclean and I wanted the exact opposite feeling.  That feeling of watery blue, clean, and a place to display some coastal treasures.
the before
the after



After every getaway where there is sand, we collect some, search for a bottle, and tag it with where we were, when we were there and drop in a memory or two.
I like having them all together, makes me smile when I see them.

The last touch was to find a spot for my little iron mermaid.
Even she looks like she's waiting and hoping better weather comes as soon as possible.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Looking to March with Happy Art

Coming up, in March, I have 2 events scheduled by two of my biggest supporters and people I adore.
Saturday, March 21st, @ 4 p.m. at The Artistry Hair Company in Niles, OH
Monday, March 23rd, @ 6:30 pm (food and drink menu begins at 5 pm)
at Shy Cellars in Strasburg, OH
We are going to fill large canvas' with a garden full of graphic and beautiful roses!
You will create with big movements, shadows, highlights, and lots of life.
It's a chance to check out, relax, de-stress, while creating something full of life.
This is where my heart and mind are right now and I was going through some pictures of some of my work and I noticed something.
When it is cold and grey and snowy and, well...Winter in Ohio,
I long for something colorful, lush, layered with petals so much I can almost smell them.

Flowers can be painted in so many styles
of course, soft and sweet...
Graphic and sketchy with fun, bold colors...

Artsy Fartsy and abstract
(Painted while giggling,....can you tell? :)  )

Light and flowy with movement and joy

Yes, I will share what gives me joy.
Authenticity in Art is important whether I am offering or receiving.

This is what March will bring. 
Color, Life, Growth
A Sharing of Happy Art.

Monday, February 23, 2015


This past weekend, I had the amazing honor of sharing during an event sponsored by
Union Hospital's Wellness program.
I must say that anytime and every time I prepare to share at an event, I get a little nervous especially if it is in a new, for me, setting with new people. 

It was so snowy and I was sure this would be cancelled, but apparently God wanted it to happen.  In spite of the terrible weather conditions, nearly 20 people came out to create something colorful.
My beautiful baby Sista, Mindy, was in attendance and created this piece.  So proud of her.

There were some special people with sweet smiles and open hearts to receive and create together.

I was so blown away with so many of the interpretations and unique personality that came through as everyone saw with their own eyes, through their own filters, and created with their own hands.

There is a definite connection between creativity and wellness.
Whether it is a brief escape,
an outlet,
a stress reliever,
a moment to exhale,
art, creativity, and wellness are connected.
I am so grateful how our Creator has given us this gift of creativity in so many forms....painting is just one.  How it soothes the soul, busys our hands so that our hearts and minds can be free to relax, think, and rest.

What a great blessing to just be me, share what I know.
Art doesn't have to look like a greeting card to be beautiful, it just has to be honest.
Thank you to Mary Marshall, Wellness Coach of Union Hospital for your kind invitation to share and the artists of Mr McGuillicutty's Studio for allowing us to use your beautiful creative space.
All glory to God for using this humble artful heart.