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Monday, May 4, 2015

A full and creative weekend

This past weekend was full!
We said so long and see ya later to our friend, Tyler, who has been staying with us as he finished up ministry school.  (NEO Academy)
He's a great talent, servant, and all around good guy.
We'll miss him, but we are super excited for his journey.  God has some great plans for this one.
My baby Sister, Mindy, spent the weekend and we shopped.  I'm not a shopper at all, but we had a blast trying on some Derby hats.

Don't we just look fab?!
Sunday was a beautiful, Sunny, amazing day.  Relaxed in the backyard or so we started to relax.
We remembered that we had this pieced together table that we tore out of our basement.  This thing actually sat outside all Winter long.  Hubby found some pieces of wood to sturdy it up and we got this idea to use it on the patio.
After some black paint, it turned out pretty great.  I like how it fits it's new home perfectly.

It'll be great for a potting bench, food table, drinks, or just decorating it.
No cost at all on this project.
Our little patio needs a makeover and we are trying to find a pergola kit or build one ourselves. We also want to resurface or stain the concrete and do some edging and plantings.    I have visions of outdoor dining under it with a chandelier and creating a beautiful, romantic space out there. 
But, in the meantime........
Since I had the paint out and this old ugly outdoor rug that was left here when we bought our house was staring me in the face.  Why not change it up?
Oh, it's ugly and probably not worth keeping, but I was inspired by paint covered hands from my previous project and this blank (dirty) canvas.
I remember having a curly stencil in the studio, so I dug it out.
Hey, the sun was shining and I wanted to be out in it.

It didn't take long and it prettied it up a bit.

A little fixer up for practically nothing.

Though we have been thinking about downsizing and next steps, we sure enjoyed this home and yard this past weekend.
First year tulips looked so sweet
and this weekend kinda made me love where I live.
I giggled a bit as Hubby remembered our Grand daughter showing us this heart in the dying tree at the corner of our backyard.

Loving where I am right at this moment. 
So Blessed.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Operation Downsize...step #1

This is our home
We are so blessed to live in it.
I am so very grateful and we have lived in Ohio, NY, PA, and back to Ohio again since 2007...I'm tired just thinking about it.
I've had the opportunity to transform spaces and have so much fun!  I've always felt, though, that I was decorating and creating for someone else. 

If I sound ungrateful, please know that is not the case at all.  I am thinking lately that I'd love to go through each room, really edit things, evaluate what we have and have a huge sale.
We want to simplify, free up more time and money to serve, give, and focus on what is important.
So here's our dream....
the dream of living where we work and work where we live.
We aren't called to be the project managers for someone else's vision, God has given us a vision.  He's put a dream in our hearts and compromising on it is no longer an option. 
This is something God laid on my heart 2 1/2 years ago and I've truly been disobedient.
I'm so glad He loves His kids even when we misbehave.  HaHa  Thank you Lord~
so, step #1 in operation downsize
...plan a big ole sale  End of May sounds good
Go through each and every level, nook, cranny, room, of this home and begin evaluating and editing our stuff.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm all about the journey so let it begin.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beachy Art and Beginnings

I had the great pleasure to lead another Artful Sips Event at Shy Cellars this week.
I really needed the beach in the worst way and, apparently, this artful escape was just what the whole group needed as well.
Some painted canvas totes and some chose to paint stretched canvas.  I really find joy in giving people the option to do the art they want to do.

The sample painting that I prepared was a scene from my memory of being in Rodanthe, NC.
The Outer Banks....the sea, the shore, the sand, the waves...that's my favorite place to be.

What an awesome group we had...
Some new painters and some returning friends came to create.


I received a very special surprise when I saw my beautiful daughter walk in and say she was staying to paint.  First time ever!  So fun and she did a great job!

My Hubby is the most wonderful support.

and my baby sista, Mindy, came too!

I truly love sharing art, introducing people to brushes and a canvas.
This is at the heart of what I do, but making connections with people has to be the best part.
I can't believe I actually get to do this and when I see each person's piece of art, I'm always amazed at how they made their own choices that lead to an end result that is uniquely theirs.
Wow, that makes my heart so happy!!!
These art events have sparked some questions that I've been getting lately.  The first time I was asked to have actual classes, instructing, I lightly considered it, but didn't know how to make it happen.  You know, the enemy likes to get in your ear and make you doubt your abilities, your influence, your effectiveness.....I've battled that with scripture and the truth and that voice is no longer sounding so loud in my ear.
My heart is inspired to move forward with this and yesterday I came up with 3 instruction series that I feel confident where I could share what I know and be a part of someone's artful journey.
Series #1 "Beginnings"
This series is designed for the artful heart who is just getting started and is interested in painting with Acrylics.  It is a 4 part series that will take you through the basics.  Every 2 hour class we will study, hands on, and create a painting using the skills as you learn them.  It, in my experience, is the best way to learn and grow.
(I've also designed and created a beginners kit with all of the supplies to get you going on this artful journey)
Series #2  "Nature"
It's about creating the natural textures we see and experience around us.  Landscapes, Bark, Sky and more.  From different perspectives using different tools.
Series #3  "Beautiful Stillness"
This series is about exploring light and creating still life paintings inspired by vignettes.  Breaking down what we see and using our perspective to translate it to a piece of personal art.
If this peaks your interest, please let me know.
TaTa For Now!  Blessings, T

Monday, April 13, 2015

textures, dreams, and taking steps

We've had some beautiful days here in NE Ohio this week.  I even got a bit of a sunburn yesterday.
My obsession with nature's amazing and fascinating texture continues as I explore bark, sunrises and sunsets...all the depth that the bending of light creates as the sun moves across the landscape.

The color and all the values of each one. 

I'm learning and loving the journey this time of year brings.
In preparing for an upcoming art event, (Shy Cellars)I'm creating seascapes, waves, and sand.
Seems I've been dreaming of all landscapes lately.  The beach is my favorite. 
Of God's creation, it provides the most lovely exhale.  That place makes me dream bigger, reach higher, and rids my human mind of obstacles that hinder the spirit.
My prayer today is that you may not be hindered, that if you have a dream, you make choices that reflect and move toward those hopes and dreams and that fear is cast aside.

Here is my latest step toward a dream.

May God bless your dreams

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Speak Life

Hi, I retreated to my studio, my happy place to work on a project that is taking a lot longer than I anticipated when I accepted the challenge.
Love a challenge and battle perfectionistic tendencies so through this feather painting, I'm growing and that is a very good thing.  :)
While allowing paint to dry between layers, I grabbed some other canvases and began playing with backgrounds and textures and, as I often do and what I think many artists do, work through some emotional issues through art.
It's been a rough week where words have stung and caused pain.  I've realized how very powerful words are and the phrase, the command...Speak Life.....has been on my heart.
What began to emerge on canvas was this image
Words have the power to create, build up...also tear down, destroy.
I was thinking about choosing life in my words and how I want to be around those who have the same conviction.

Art and Life connect and teach.....I learn.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

and a blast was had by all!

What can I say about this months events?
A Blast was had by all!  for sure.
When I created this floral series, I knew it was going to be a fun exploration but I had no idea the connections I'd make through it or the crazy fun this project would generate.
I just had to share some images from this past month and say thank you, thank you to all these fun creatives that came out to put paint to canvas with me.

Truly, the pics say it all.

I love how everyone interprets the painting in their own style.
That's a win for me as that was one of my main goals when all this began a little over a year ago.

People don't just sit, they stand, dance to some good music, and check out of their crazy lives for a time.
Creativity does that.
Such fun people.
They show up ready to have a great time.
These fun gals are a group .  This was their second event with me.  So fun!

Everyone shows their work to encourage and inspire someone else.

This Mother/Daughter duo are old friends I reconnected with.
what a blessing for me.
Their watercolor interpretation was awesome

I'm still amazed at how this has been such a great year of learning and creativity for me.

seeing others bond and connect over art


being inspired by their vision

how each person creates from a personal place


My heart is full and can't wait for the next time I get to paint and share again.