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Sunday, March 23, 2014


I was just thinking of ....
a more Springlike...
a warmer...
a much warmer...
Am I the only one missing those days?
I didn't think so.

Surely there are birds waiting to sing...
and usher in Springtime for real.
I will dream of warmer times and when my dreams don't work for me,
I may escape to the nearest beach.
Have a great week everyone.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So, this week, I will have finished my first class as an instructor at NEO Academy.
I have to say...when I was asked to teach a creative class, I was thinking..what?, really?
and then I do what I always do.
I take a moment, trust that God has a plan and that He will equip me for His purposes and I say...Yes!
Little did I know that sharing my passion for creating environments would be as big of a blessing as it has been.
These students are committing learn as grow to become what they believe.
and now that I've spent the past 7 weeks with them, I realize that's what I'm doing as well.
They have boldness, courage, and a love for serving God that inspires me and I can't express my gratitude to TheMovement in Niles, Ohio and NEO Academy for giving me this exciting opportunity to be a small part of what God is doing here.
I'm just a grateful lady this day.
Well, I'm off to get this day going.
Much to do and recovering from a root canal that went kinda bad yesterday.  Doing much better today, but I plan to stay home and get my house in order.
Oh how I long to open my windows, let fresh air in, and air out this house.
but, I'll do my best to freshen everything up so I can get down in the studio and put some paint on a canvas.  Oh how I MISS that!!!!
Blessings on a fabulous day!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

More Artful Sips

Just had to share a few more pics of the Artful Sips event at the amazing Shy Cellars in Strasburg Ohio that was held last month.
Props to Kristina Strawn Photography for capturing yet another great moment.

My heart and my passion captured in an quick photo
I remember thinking...."I'm so grateful to be right here at this moment"
Blessings, T

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Artful Sips @ Shy Cellars

I must say, I've had the most art infused week.
Sunday, we went to this great Art Event in downtown Youngstown.  It was awesome and so encouraging to meet and hang with some artistic souls
I was sitting at a table with Hubby taking in the atmosphere when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said..."Are you Tina Lawver?"  When I turned around , I was joy filled to see in person an artist that I've known for about the past 4 years online through blogging.  I've enjoyed her work and she's been so encouraging to me.
Her name is Diane Salter and her work is incredible and it's just as wonderful in person as she is.
I was thrilled to get to own one of her mixed media pieces.
Check out her blog...My Art Journal and discover for yourself.
I love the piece I bought.
The Artful Fun continued at Shy Cellars in Strasburg, Ohio
My Friend, Sherry Schie, who has this gift of being able to talk me into leaving my comfort zone, asked me to lead this even called Artful Sips at her amazing restaurant.
She just has this faith that says "you can do it!"  She full on believes the word of God and claims those promises of asking and receiving.  She lives her life that way and her walk makes all those around her wanna walk that way too.
So, off I went and created a couple of examples of paintings to lead at this event.
Little did I know that Sherry and her Hubby Ralph, when they saw it, they were moved because it resembled their original idea for their logo for their dream restaurant.  Some things are just meant to be.
I felt like I could break these paintings down and teach them to people who had never painted before.
I brought two of my sweet friends with me.
Laura DeChant, whose art can be seen on her Etsy Page
Elisha Suarez,
Both Artful Hearts who are in my life at the perfect time.
Love these girls
Their support and jumping in to help meant so much.
We had about 30 people .  There was wine, yummy food, and everyone just opened themselves up to creativity.  It was my kind of evening.
funny  how we all used the same colors, but each piece turned out different.
I loved every minute of it and can't wait for the next one.
Everyone has it in them. 
I believe it~~
Check out and like Shy Cellars facebook  page for the next Artful Sips.
Blessings to ya,

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blessed and Busy

Hey There!  Well, it has been a great few weeks here at our little nest.
We took a birthday bash trip to Asheville, NC...toured Biltmore, was that awesome!
and took the full foodie, art, and micro brew trip through this unique town. 
Hubby's 50th was well worth the delayed and cancelled flights to get there and to get home.
Well worth it!
We got back on Monday and hit the ground running.
Hubby, back at work and I got started on the projects on the schedule, a design meeting for an awesome project in the hall of our children's area at church, I had to prep for the class I get to instruct on visual arts at the NEO Academy, and I got to work on this crazy project for this week's series called "Going Tribal" at church.
Our pastor asked for big tribal masks so I got to work on them right away.
Lowes, foam insulation works great, it's easy to carve and paint.

As soon as the nose was put in it's place, I began giggling and didn't stop through the whole thing.

It got finished complete with crossed spears, burlap head dress, and tribal version anyway.

I get to do the coolest things!  haha!
Well, the fun this coming Tuesday, I have the privilege of doing a fun night of painting fun at Shy Cellars and hanging with my friend Chef Sherry Schie....Oh, and about 30 fun people who are ready to have a good time creating a canvas, having some yummies, a glass of wine or 2, and enjoying the great surroundings at this beautiful restaurant.

I'll be posting some pics of the festivities next week.
Hang in there, Spring will be here before you know it!
Blessings to you,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Exciting Event

Hi, Everyone!
I'm so excited to announce that I get to be a part of an amazing event at
wait for it.....
WhooHoo!  Happy Dance
Well, any time I get the opportunity to spend time with Sherry and get to share art and my passion for environments, I'm a happy happy girl!
Check out their awesome website
The date is February 11th and we will be posting more next week about the time and cost per person, but it promises to be a fun time.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
We did and it wasn't about the presents, it was all about family, but I sure did appreciate our gifts and time together.
I have to share some with you. 
Our daughter got us these prints of our Grandbabes.  I love them, they are canvas and I hung them on the wall last night.  I love that she chose images where they were just being themselves with ornery faces.
My Hubby gave me a piece of art by my new friend Laura DeChant.  What a wonderful artist she is and a sweet artful heart.  I'm encouraging her to really get her art out there.  I will let you know when she does.

I had the honor of working on a stage set for our church, TheMovement.  Had a great time and the result was wintery tree wonderful.

and I had an order for this piece on canvas, simple but beautiful, a line from the hymn, Come Thou Fount of many blessings for my friend Teresa for her sister for Christmas.  Not my normal style but I enjoyed it so much.
Just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still here and looking forward to 2014.
Happy New Year!
from TNT

(Tina and Ted)