Sunday, March 29, 2009

This week on Ebay and another package

Hi Everyone!
I'm gearing up for a week of amazing things and if you knew what was coming up this week, you may wonder why I'd be so excited.
Well, I and a few others are surrounding a friend who is really fighting a major battle in her life and I'm not excited about that, in fact it weighs heavy on my heart as I question God and petition Him for His Grace and trust Him for His answers,
This is where the excitement come in
He Always Shows Up!
He is Always Faithful
He Is God
Through this experience with my friend, I've seen God do incredible and amazing things and I look forward in anticipation for His presence.
Your Prayers are Appreciated.
I just finished listing my ebay offering for this week
But, I gotta tell you, I'm so excited about listing this set of handmade hang tags.
They are so sweet and feature three ladies of the 1917 current fashion in their wonderful hats.
They are sweet little pieces using those 1917 newspaper clippings I've been having a ball with.
There are 3 in the set, each with black cords for hanging and, in the
ebay listing, I've included some ideas for other uses for them.
Click below to check it out.
And, just when I thought the giveaway had been sent,
the day after I received the lovely package from Christy Meyers of CC's Whimsies,
This little gem was stuck in my door when I arrived home yesterday

A wonderful, signed and numbered print from the artist herself

Thank You, Christy, I'm honored

Love this and love the message



  1. Just to let you know, I'm keeping your friend in my prayers. Take care, Susan

  2. Thoughts and love with you and your friend, my dear Tina!

  3. Yep, He always shows up! :> )
    I love your new offerins' and Christy's print is wonderful!


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