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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Happy Thanksgiving Time

Are you all prepping for the Thanksgiving festivities???
I sure am... starting with working on this dining room.
We will have 10 people for Thanksgiving dinner this year and I'm cooking!!
scream, sigh, and questioning ...what was I thinking?
I'm not a cook, but I do love to do turkey and oyster dressing and all the fixin's. and I love having everyone sit around a table laughing and talking and catching up and, most importantly, thanking God for the good gifts He has bestowed upon us this year.

I'm going in a design direction for this dining room, but it's not fully "there" yet.
I love the black walls, white trim and the wood hutch and especially our dining table made custom by my very talented Father in law.
I'm working on finding chairs for everyone to sit in.  The problem is that these old T back and pressed back chairs are... well.....old and need repair so no one bites the tile during dinner.

we will get there.
In the meantime, can I brag on my oldest kid?
why, yes I can!
Kristina's photography biz is really taking off and she's been creating some amazing images.
She was featured recently on a photography blog, Red Meadow Design,

I'm a proud Momma.
Check out the feature here
You can like Kristina Strawn Photographer on FB and give her some love.
She'll be starting a blog soon and I can't wait because she is so honest about the creative process and loves encouraging others in the biz and bringing photographers and artists together. 
The difference between my girl and some others I see in the biz (don't get crazy, I said "some" others) is that it's about the heart and the mission of her work.  She truly has a passion.
Is there anything better than seeing your kiddo, realizing a dream? and blessing others in the process?  Not sure there is.
Here's a little sampling of her work of the heart.

and this cute lil man is my Grandson, and her son, Maddox Michael.....

More to come from this talented girl.
She's just getting started.
I've been painting ornaments.  I paint a special one each year for each of my Grandbabes.
This is Miss Savannah Rain (Grandbabe #1) with hers from last year.
A friend of mine just sent me a pic of hers from a few years ago as she was putting it on her tree this year.

and here I go prepping to make some more.

burned out light bulbs, driftwood, anything with a great shape, inspires these fun guys.

Even the fabric ones I sewed up last year as a new avenue for me was so fun.

I'll post more as I create them.
thanks for stopping by and reading this blog.
I'm truly Thankful for you, my friends, my family, my life.
I give glory to God for all of His favor in my everyday.
I'm grateful for this man who puts up lights on a snowy day with a grin on his face.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you,

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