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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Artful Sips @ Shy Cellars

I must say, I've had the most art infused week.
Sunday, we went to this great Art Event in downtown Youngstown.  It was awesome and so encouraging to meet and hang with some artistic souls
I was sitting at a table with Hubby taking in the atmosphere when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said..."Are you Tina Lawver?"  When I turned around , I was joy filled to see in person an artist that I've known for about the past 4 years online through blogging.  I've enjoyed her work and she's been so encouraging to me.
Her name is Diane Salter and her work is incredible and it's just as wonderful in person as she is.
I was thrilled to get to own one of her mixed media pieces.
Check out her blog...My Art Journal and discover for yourself.
I love the piece I bought.
The Artful Fun continued at Shy Cellars in Strasburg, Ohio
My Friend, Sherry Schie, who has this gift of being able to talk me into leaving my comfort zone, asked me to lead this even called Artful Sips at her amazing restaurant.
She just has this faith that says "you can do it!"  She full on believes the word of God and claims those promises of asking and receiving.  She lives her life that way and her walk makes all those around her wanna walk that way too.
So, off I went and created a couple of examples of paintings to lead at this event.
Little did I know that Sherry and her Hubby Ralph, when they saw it, they were moved because it resembled their original idea for their logo for their dream restaurant.  Some things are just meant to be.
I felt like I could break these paintings down and teach them to people who had never painted before.
I brought two of my sweet friends with me.
Laura DeChant, whose art can be seen on her Etsy Page
Elisha Suarez,
Both Artful Hearts who are in my life at the perfect time.
Love these girls
Their support and jumping in to help meant so much.
We had about 30 people .  There was wine, yummy food, and everyone just opened themselves up to creativity.  It was my kind of evening.
funny  how we all used the same colors, but each piece turned out different.
I loved every minute of it and can't wait for the next one.
Everyone has it in them. 
I believe it~~
Check out and like Shy Cellars facebook  page for the next Artful Sips.
Blessings to ya,


  1. Looks like so much fun and lots of great artwork too. How neat to meet your blogger friend!

  2. Tina, you were amazing!! I still having guests who attended this event calling me and messaging me for the next one you are doing!! We need to schedule it!! Love you bunches!!! Sherry

  3. This is all so exciting!! I'm so happy that you've found kindred spirits to join with and who push you. I'm sure you did an AMAZING job! Very fun indeed.

  4. How fun Tina!!! Sounds like many of your art dreams have come true. God is sooooo good!

    ♥Lee Ann


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