Monday, May 12, 2014

Mom's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day
For many reasons, this particular holiday has potential to be difficult, but hanging out with these two beautiful people brings the deep meaning of that day to the surface.
I love them so very much and being their mom has created joy in my life that I couldn't have imagined existed before I knew them.
As a Mom, I've cried the most pain filled tears and laughed the deepest laughs. 
I thank God for making me a Mother.
As for my Artful Life...
I'm trying to find balance between all of the irons I have in the fire right now, putting priorities in the right place, and remembering that somewhere in me is an artist.
I keep forgetting that.
May is super busy, stuffed with plans and obligations.  I'm looking at it like a tall hurdle this short girl has to jump.  Praying for Godly springs on my blinged out sneakers.
God Bless, we'll chat soon,

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  1. Very nice post and lovely pic of you and your children.


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