Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Train Triumph!!!

At the beginning of this year, our Pastor of our church, who is a major visionary, came to me and a few of the faithful gentlemen who know how to do, literally, EVERYTHING!...and showed us a snippet of a picture that he had torn out of a magazine.
We had this hallway that was really wide and long and boring and this is the kids ministry hallway so it wasn't fun and it should be fun!
So, it began.
The amazing build team got together and we discussed how this project would be laid out in this blank slate of a hallway.
So, this......
and this....
5 months later....Became this!

Vwallah!!!!!!!!!  It's the Mini Movement Express!!!!!!
 Complete with Engine that lights up,
A Caboose that is also storage,
A car that also serves as a check in for kid's ministry registration complete with a check in table that rolls out.
Bright colors and happiness has entered that hallway.
I got to serve in registration this past weekend and was so blessed to see smiles in response to this new addition.
I have had the opportunity to be a part of many projects, but this one was a dooozy. 
The thing that made it wonderful and such a huge blessing was working with these amazing men ....Tom, Rusty, Virgil, Chris...
Painters who popped in and gave of their time and talents from Ed, who primed some of the cars, Jessica, Lyndsay, Tori, who painted,
Andrew and Dillon, who painted the wall, and our Pastor Doug who provided the vision to create such a thing.
I know there were times when we were all feeling a bit like The Little Engine that Could saying
"I think I can, I think I can" and then saying "I know I can......
It's done and we are all happy about that.
God gets all the glory and I pray it blesses kids and parents for a long time.
Everyone worked so hard and we have some great memories to smile about.

Well, On to the next project!!!



  1. This is the most amazing transformation!!!! LOVE it, bet the kids are thrilled beyond!

  2. Just got around to checking this out. What an amazing job you all did on this project. Congrats!


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